This month we have been out and about checking out the local creatures and indoors creating their own beasts. We had all been enjoying some fabulous weather, which gave everyone the chance to go on a few outings to the local parks and museum to meet the animals that live there.

Our topic for this term is all about ‘Animals’: Mini beasts and farm animals. The activities at The Lodge are designed to support the babies and children in various ways, including: Physical, Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Literacy and Maths; Understanding the World and Expressive Behaviour.

Some of the activities happening this term include:
Bug hunt
Observing what animals do
Animal puppet play
Animal puzzles
Drawing pictures
Creating animal footprint pictures
Balancing, hopping and skipping
Dancing to animal songs
We have already been making clay and using large pasta shells to make mini beasts, printing and finger painting animals, playing and sorting farm animals.

We also celebrated Easter with an Easter Egg Hunt, Easter crafts and making chocolate Easter Nests.