Frequently asked questions

What is the admissions process?
On receipt of your completed enrolment form and registration fee, a place will be reserved for your child. The registration fee is non-refundable should your child not take up the place offered. On application for a funded-only place (3+ for eligible children), a registration fee and deposit is not required.
Do you offer settling-in sessions?
A selection of dates will be arranged for your settling-in sessions. Before your child attends their settling-in session, a deposit of £200 is payable. This deposit will be returned either when your child leaves The Lodge or at the end of the Nursery class at Ipswich Prep School, once all fees are settled. We will initially book you in for two settling-in sessions; further sessions can be available if this is deemed necessary. Settling-in sessions last for one and a half hours.
Can the Nursery accommodate all session requests?
We ask you to fill out a ‘sessions request’. We will do all we can to accommodate your needs but sometimes there may be a waiting list for the sessions you require.
How do the settling-in sessions work?
On your child’s first day with us we will require the parents to stay for the first hour. During this time our staff will complete an “All about me” form, which details all your child’s eating, sleeping and other preferences and requirements whilst in our care. We will also discuss what you can expect whilst a child is settling in. Upon leaving your child with us, a follow-up phone call will be offered enabling you to speak to your child’s key person to hear how your child is getting on. On your second visit we kindly ask the parent not to stay, but to drop off and leave their child for the full hour and a half. Again we will call to give feedback during this time.
Please contact us if you have any further questions

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