The children have become very interested in a variety of messy play activities, provided by the adults. We have been exploring a range of different materials including; cornflakes, oats, gloop, paints and spaghetti. The children in Discoverers and Explorers explored the different textures of slime. The children loved putting their fingers in and sinking their hands underneath, making them disappear. The Adventurers children listened to the cornflakes as the animals crunched and crisped along the cereal paths.
Each week The Lodge use Ipswich School Lower Prep hall, to develop their physical skills. We participate in a variety of activities, which promotes the children’s gross motor development. During one session we were really pleased that Mrs Lamplough and some of the children from the school joined our activities. The children started off with a warm up using different muscles and movements, moving to the different songs that were playing in the background; Frozen and Monsters inc. The children followed instructions well and were able to stretch up tall, bending down to touch your toes, mimicking Elsa from Frozen when she creates icicles. The children also jogged on the spot, bounced and roared like the monsters in Monsters inc. Once the warm-up session was complete the children joined in with ‘Sticky Kids’. This is a fun learning programme, which is used to incorporate various developmental skills, through movement including; alphabet learning, language and listening skills. Another session ‘making movements’ was all about how our bodies move. We used a variety of materials and resources, which helped the children to learn about the physical affects exercise has on our bodies.
The children celebrate the beginning of the new year by creating lanterns, exploring coloured rice with chopsticks and creating magical dragons. A big thank you to some of our parents/grandparents who provided The Lodge with some wonderful resources.
The Lodge took part in the ‘Big Garden Bird Watch’ last month.  The children were hands on with measuring, mixing and pouring using a range of ingredients, which they have learnt that birds like to eat. The Adventurers children have also been learning about recycling during this project too. To make our bird feeders, the children used a range of resources including coconut shells, used plastic bottles and tubs.  The children have been on the look-out to see which type of birds enjoy their lovely creations!
The Lodge children have been developing their senses with our very own sensory area. Textured materials to play hide and seek with, pine cones and flowers, bringing nature to life and an assortment of bubble tubes, lava lamps and disco lights have all been used.