Spring has sprung here at The Lodge! All of the children have enjoyed spending time outdoors, investigating signs of spring at Christchurch Park and at our site, Westwood – we are lucky to have such wonderful space on our doorstep. Here are some highlights from each of our rooms:


Having shown an interest in all things transport, a variety of travel themed activities were arranged for the children to explore – the lentil car tray which the children could mark-make in was particularly popular. The children also really enjoyed exploring their creative side, using paints to create some beautiful, unique art work.  


The Explorers have enjoyed learning all about the people who help us, like doctors, nurses and dentists. We love reading stories at The Lodge and following World Book Day the children started to look at the works of Julia Donaldson – who is one of their favourite authors – as well as more classic stories like Goldilocks and The Three Bears, and The Three Little Pigs. Enjoying the stories became an immersive experience for the children as they made their very own porridge, used playdough and sticks to build houses for the Three Little Pigs and even found The Big Bad Wolf in the nursery. 


The Adventurers have also been learning about the people who help us and were fortunate enough to spend some time with PC Garrod from Suffolk Constabulary who came into the nursery for a visit. PC Garrod talked to the children about what is involved in his job, and we had a fantastic time exploring his police van.

Pre School

Food has been the main focus of the children’s learning in the Pre School. Travelling around the globe by way of food, the children enjoyed taste testing a selection of different fruits then, combining art and food, inspired by Guiseppe Arcimboldo it was time to get creative and make faces, from fruit! We then turned our attention to vegetables after reading Supertato – using their imagination, the children came up with ideas on how to stop the Evil Pea from causing any more havoc!

We’ve also had a number of fantastic events in the nursery this term: 

Valentine’s Day 

It was all about spreading love and kindness on Valentine’s Day – the children had the opportunity to explore some tuff trays, they created love potions and made cards for the people they love. What better way to mark Valentine’s Day than with some chocolate covered strawberries!

Shrove Tuesday 

It wouldn’t be Shove Tuesday without pancake races! The children had a fantastic time designing their own pancakes, and then of course got to enjoy the real thing with toppings of their choice.

World Book Day 

The children were invited to come into the nursery dressed as their favourite book character – it was wonderful to see so many take part and sharing their stories with one another. Great fun was had with the Supertato themed tuff trays and making Supertato inspired superheros using vegetables.